• Definition of Mini Importation
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  • Spotting A Genuine Seller

Definition Of Mini Importation

Mini importation business is the combination of 3 keywords, mini, importation, and business


it is mini because it involves little purchase of small items that can be easily shipped without heavy duty.


shipment of goods or services into a country from abroad for sale.


this involves the production of a good, offering of a service or retailing of already manufactured products for profit making.

Therefore, we could say mini importation business is the shipment of small items from country A to B for sale.

What You Need To Start Your Mini Importation

  • An internet-connected device preferably, a laptop
  • A bank account with an ATM or PayPal account.
  • Your startup capital
  • A functional telephone number

Sites You Can Import From

You can import your products from the USA, Dubai, China etc. But, we will focus on China in this series. The are many websites you can import from but we will limit our quest to

1. Alibaba.com

Most sellers in this market sell in bulk. Their Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) that a buyer can order could go as high as 1000 pieces for a product. To beat this ordeal as a first timer, you can request for samples from your supplier. In this market, you have the opportunity to meet Original Design manufacturers (ODM) and Original Equipment, Manufacturers (OEM). It means you can request for a product design based on your spec and also have the product customized in your name.

2. Aliexpress.com

This is a version of Alibaba but it’s intended for a unit order for those that couldn’t meet up with MOQ in Alibaba.

3. Taoboa.com


5. 1688.com etc.

Meanwhile, I strongly do advise people to focus more on number 5 i.e. 1688.com.

1688.com is a website developed purposely to serve the local market in China and the goods are not intended for international trade. Meanwhile, most sellers on Alibaba and other platforms also buy from 1688.com because of the cheap price of the products and resell to international buyers.

The language on the platform is primarily Chinese and you will need to download Google Translator as Google Chrome extension to convert the language to English.

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How To Identify Genuine Suppliers

  • Look at the number of years on the platform
    If you are new in the market, stick to suppliers that have been in the market for at least 3 years
  • Check the response time. You may develop high blood pressure if you buy from a supplier whose response time is low after you have made payment
  • Check the buyer’s reviews. Not everyone would be satisfied with a supplier’s product but the good comments and stars should be above 70% rating
  •  Check the transaction history

How many products has he sold, when last did he sell and the overall turnover.

Please take note of the points above to avoid stories that touch the heart.

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