Some time ago, it was as if the world would collapse on me. At this period, I was working with an e-commerce company but we had some hiccups in those days due to Nigerians’ disposition to e-commerce.

Everywhere I turned to, no one was ready to lend a helping hand; this attitude from people gave me the courage to search for a solution by all means. I was ready to learn and do anything that was legit to make money.

In my e-commerce team, I had a leader called TY. From my close observation of TY’s activities, he was making money and was shipping personal goods on our e-commerce platform while we were all lamenting.

I moved closer to TY to learn from him, but he was reluctant to share any information with anyone. Fortunately, after much persuasion, he mentioned the keywords “Drop shipping and Mini Importation”; he refused to disclose any information thereafter.

With the keywords in my coffer, I embarked on a fact-finding mission to learn the nitty-gritty of the concepts. The price for training in those days was too high and no meaningful piece was online about mini-importation. Dudes wanted to make few bucks out of everyone’s pocket.

Eventually, I bought an e-book for N5, 000 which explicitly gave me the in-depth knowledge of the business.

I did my first importation business using the ebook as a guide. The day I paid my suppliers, I couldn’t sleep because I was afraid to lose money; I became relaxed after 3 days when I received a message from one of the suppliers that confirmed the payment.

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My goods arrived after 3 weeks because I used free shipping and I sold everything to my neighbours within a short period of time.

Why telling you all these stories?

1/ for those struggling with earning a daily living, this message will serve as encouragement

2/ If you know how to beg, you definitely know how to sell

3/ for those working in a company, you can make this a side hustle

4/ you can start small even with N10, 000. I started with N20, 000.

5/ when people refused to help you, let that serve as your source of motivation to forge head, after all, no one owes you anything.

6/ you can learn the art without spending all your life savings

7/ for the Corp members on the list, do not spend all your allowances, you can start with what you have.

In the course of this write-up, I will discuss

1. What you need to start the mini importation business
2. What sites you can import from
3. How to identify a genuine supplier
4. How to choose products to import
5. How to make payment and import from China
6. How to sell your products in Nigeria.
Stay tuned!!!!

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