On or before 31st December 2017, most people developed their resolutions, goals and potential achievement for 2018.

That you came up with that list is a great start, I commend your efforts.And for those who came up with nothing, I congratulate you too.I have the conviction, you have the big picture in your head and if otherwise, you have a better chance to live a purpose-driven life.

But the great concern I have is many people who wrote down their pursuit for 2018 have not started execution and may not achieve anything by 31st December 2018. But the danger point is that you may turn out to be bittered or rebuff when you are invited by the people in your circle of influence who may smash their goals for 2018.

I am not here to condemn your busy schedule but the truth is you must have a way to balance your aspirations and dreams. Let me share with you a real-life story.

A mindset coach called Carol Dweck was trying to find out how people use the word NOT YET.So, she chose some children as her cluster/sample for the research. She developed questions that were above their grades for them to solve. They were all exposed to the same text, controlled environment, tutors and other facilities for prep and excellent outcome.

After a while, they had examinations to affirm their knowledge. Unfortunately, few kids passed the examinations. Ok, that wasn’t bad since they were kids and the questions were not meant for their grades, right? Do not forget that the intelligence component of a child is formed from age 1-7, the rest is build up. Let’s proceed.

She conducted an interview for those who succeeded and those that failed and their comments were genuine and valid.

Those who failed

  • The intelligence was up for judgment. I am “not yet” at that grade.I will do better when I get there
  •  If I am given such exam next time, I will cheat than study.
  • I will rather run away from such attempt than succumb to ridicule of failure

Sam didn’t help me.He allowed me to fail.when I fail, my friend has failed too.

Those that passed.

  •  I love challenges, they make me grow and learn.
  •  I had access to tools that helped me succeed.
  • I just learnt that ability can be developed, an error can be corrected and a process can be formed to achieve greatness.
  • I was able to dominate the environment and not allowed the “controlled environment” to surpass my ability.

What is that NOT YET syndrome killing your desire to feature in the big picture of your future, it’s time to smash it.No more “NOT YET” but implementation and efficient execution.