Life is NEVER a bed of roses. Sometimes, you feel good and just a few moment, life becomes tiring.Everyone experiences problem at a different phase even the rich also cry.

You feel broken, lonely, jilted, betrayed, unfulfilled or you can’t fathom the next step to take. You are blank, on autopilot, depressed and feel exhausted at the moment as well on the verge to call it quit or commit suicide.

It is normal to be tired when in a race, all you have to do right now is take a break for reinforcement!!!! In the course of your break, engage in the following ;

1. Self – Reflection

Look in the mirror and see your reflection- Your true self and determine if you like you, you see.If not, affirmatively promise you to take you back to the real you. Until you make an affirmative decision about your self, nothing will surface.Take time to address the man/woman in the mirror.

For instance,  Joel, you were very brilliant, what happened to you? You know I need you right now to break new grounds and I need your brilliance. From Accra to Ankara, Warsaw to Washington, the kings are requesting your presence”.So brace up and let’s make this happen”.

2. Deep Thought

Sit on a bare floor with your two legs folded across each other and close your eyes. At this state, do not let your mind wander. Concentrate on the problem and think how deep you have been hurt.You are allowed to cry like a baby!!!! Identify your mistakes and what led you to this state.You may have to use the 5Whys  to fathom the root cause.If you identify the problem and the root cause, you are heading somewhere.You are free to blame anyone including self.

3. Forgiveness

Go back to the mirror and talk to self about your discovery in 2 above.Tell self-everything like you are talking to a friend you have seen for a very long time. After all the jists, mention names of everyone who you assumed contributed to the woe and say it loud and clear—- Osho, I forgive you and I will never hold you responsible for ….mention the problems.Do this with all sincerity.
“Forgiveness is not always easy. At times, it feels more painful than the wound we suffered, to forgive the one that inflicted it. And yet, there is no peace without forgiveness” – Marianne Williamson. You can also read the  Path To Self Recovery 2


Photocredit:  Crystalinnercircle