4.Identify Your Unique Purpose

Now that your mind is free of guilt and burden caused by pains and unforgiveness, you are on the full-scale journey to recovery.How do you identify your unique set? You can do the following

Create A Purpose Board

Go visual with this and let your mind go wild but don’t set too much agenda. Look for pictures, drawings or images that inspire you, that make you go crazy- wedding pictures, babies, nature, magical fantastic creatures or machine? Cut, paste and Clip to your board- watch and see the unique story begin. If the picture of young girls hawking makes you feel bad, you are likely going to advocate for the girls’ education.

You can learn a lot about your soul’s desires by gazing at your purpose board. You can also visit http://bettyvision.com/home to accomplish this process

Put Your Hobby To Use

You know how to cook, sing or dance? Record a minute video and post on your timeline.The likes and comments will go along way with your discovery

Take Note Of  Your Social Media Intrigues

Whatever fascinates you on social media forms basis of your temperament and defines your personality.

Read Good Books

Find books related to your chosen interest to enhance your frontier of knowledge.

Find A Friend

Ask someone you trust to support you in your journey of self-discovery, tell them how they can help and also listen to their suggestions in helping you create the life of your dream

Dare The Devil

Dream, take a step and never worry about mistakes. You will learn and unlearn as you journey on the path of discovery. Every move and mistake will provide opportunity through the learning curve.

Trust God All The Way

You can’t achieve nothing without God and He is definitely interested in you and your dreams to make it big. It costs Him nothing to make you the wonder of the world.Just trust Him at every level of the journey.


At the achievement of any milestone, celebrate you.

On a final note, get the full lyrics of I believe I can fly by R. Kelly and sing to the last note with rapt attention. Then, start your comment on this post with #IbelieveIcan . You can also read the Path to Self Recovery (1)





Photocredit: Crystalinnercircle